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Message from the President

Jin-woo Lee

“We are an international hospital that practices both Western medicine and Traditional Korean medicine along with spiritual healing.”

This is Jinwoo Lee, the Director of HJ Magnolia International Medical Center.
HJ Magnolia International Medical Center, located in an area with the beautiful view of Cheonpyeong Lake, is the very first international hospital in South Korea. Ever since it was opened in 2003, we hosted about 250,000 foreign patients annually for 17 years, and served them as a medical center where it provides integrative medicine between Western medicine and Traditional Korean medicine.
In 2019, we changed the name of the hospital to HJ Magnolia International Medical Center.
HJ is an acronym of HyoJeong (孝情). H (Hyo) means the love of children towards their parents and J (Jeong) means the parent's love and care for their children. Magnolia represents the noble love.
HJ Magnolia International Medical Center has a vision to become a global medical institute where it practices the care of parents to their kids and children’s noble love for their parents.
In addition, HJ Magnolia International Medical Center is a 'global medical institute that provides cure and relaxation through holistic medicine,' and currently, we are running fifteen departments, including internal medicine, general surgery, family medicine, rehabilitation medicine, psychiatry, obstetrics & gynecology, anesthesiology, radiology, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, neurology, emergency medicine, and dentistry, and one department of Traditional Korean medicine. Furthermore, we offer unique medical services through specialized treatment center, hyperthermia cancer treatment, hip joint clinic center, advanced medicine center, premium comprehensive medical checkup center, rehabilitation center, and gastrointestinal endoscopy center. Among those services, many customers look for orthopedic surgery, brain neurological diseases therapy, atopy therapy, cancer-specific treatment, anti-aging therapy, and health checkup programs.
From now on, as it always has been, HJ Magnolia International Medical Center will spread noble love all around the world and practice medicine of true love, based on our accumulated experience and achievements.

The meaning of the medical center’s name H (Hyo): Children's love for their parents
J (Jeong): Parents’ love for their children
Magnolia: Noble love

HJ Magnolia International Medical Center is a global medical institute, where it actualizes the noble love of Magnolia,
the care of parents for their children,
and children’s love for their parents.

Jin-woo Lee President of HJM International Medical Center