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Family Medicine


  • Cancer+immune+pain therapy
  • High frequency hyperthermia therapy
  • Chemotherapy and naturopathy
  • neurological/multiple symptoms cure for daily life diseases
  • disease prevention and health promotion
  • pediatric & adolescent disease

Continuous and comprehensive health care, regardless of the disease type

Department of Family Medicine plays a role of a family doctor by providing comprehensive and continuous care for individuals and families. In addition to the Western medicine, we operate a special program of Integrative medicine with Oriental medicine and other alternative medicines. Unlike general medical treatment which deals with Westernized, one focused area, we provide continuous and comprehensive care regardless of the type of disease. Early detection and counseling are the most important for most lifestyle diseases. Family doctors are responsible for prevention, treatment of complications after the disease, and rehabilitation. We want to take care of patients and their family health problems by comprehensively explaining and advising health problems. Especially, we attach great importance to preventive medicine in order to be faithful to the role of a health helper to protect family health. The goal of Family Medicine at HJM International Medical Center is to strive to promote health in a relationship of trust and love to treat the entire human body and to prevent the cause of disease.