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Orthopedic Surgery


  • Spinal diseases: spine fracture (trauma, osteoporosis), herniated disc, Spinal stenosis
  • Joint diseases: arthroscopy (shoulder, knee, ankle), total joint replacement (knee, sacroiliac joint, shoulder, ankle)
  • Physical trauma: fracture, sports injuries, tendon/ligament rupture
  • Hand & Foot clinic: arthritis, paresthesia hallux valgus
We treat physical traumas and diseases of the spine and limbs, caused by dysfunction of locomotive organs like musculoskeletal system. For congenital anomalies or deformations, surgery or treatment is performed to correct the shape or to restore function.
  • Osteoarthritis treatment using stem cells

  • Endoprosthesis replacement of hip joint (total arthroplasty)

  • Endoprosthesis replacement of knee joint (total arthroplasty)

  • Knee joint arthroscopy

  • Shoulder joint arthroscopy

  • Removal of spinal disk herniation

  • Conservative treatment of the discs herniation

  • Rehabilitation and health resort treatment after orthopedic surgeries