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Opened “Center of Unification Medicine”

Cooperation between Western and Oriental medicine for the treatment of cancer and incurable diseases
Opened “Center of Unification Medicine”

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<Medical and administrative staff of HJM International Medical Center in front of the Center of Unification Medicine>

The first international hospital in South Korea, HJM International Medical Center (President Dr. Jinwoo Lee) has newly opened the “Center of Unification Medicine,” (Center Director Dr. Yoko Norihisa) where Western and Oriental medicine collaborates to treat cancer and incurable diseases.

HJM International Medical Center was opened in 2003 under the slogan of “Mecca for treatment of incurable diseases centered on Western and Oriental medicine.” In fact, for 18 years, HJM International Medical Center has continued curing various cancer and incurable disease patients, and these achievements have been publicized to the international medical community through the annual “International Conference for Unification Medical Science” (17th) and other international medical academic conferences.

HJM International Medical Center, located in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do in South Korea has been sincerely serving as a hospital for the residents of relatively rural areas such as Yangpyeong, Namyangju, Hongcheon, and Chuncheon for the past 18 years. Particularly, in accordance with the characteristics of those region with a large population of elderly people, HJM International Medical Center has been offering integrative medicine that includes the tendency to prefer traditional medicine.

The President of HJM International Medical Center, Dr. Jinwoo Lee said, “The actual medical experts are deeply reflecting on the limitations of modern medicine, and to overcome this, they are researching and applying various complementary and alternative medicines to clinical practice. Centered on developed countries, the global medical paradigm is shifting to so-called ‘integrative medicine’ or ‘unification medicine’ that combines natural medicine with modern medical science. Moreover, South Korea is confident that the treatment through cooperation between Western and Oriental medicine will surely create synergy in the treatment of incurable diseases as the treatment efficacy and effectiveness have been scientifically proven through the Traditional Korean Medicine by excellent professional medical staff. Therefore, the opening of the “Center of Unification Medicine” will serve as a specialized medical institution for the treatment of incurable diseases including cancer, as well as provide the fundamental scientific data for the globalization of Traditional Korean Medicine.”

“I have seen countless patients and wards, suffering from cancer and incurable diseases in Japan, the United States, and South Korea,” said Dr. Yoko Norihisa, the Director of the Center of Unification Medicine. “In fact, I had to watch and lose my close friends and families as well by such terrible diseases.”
Dr. Norihisa was able to observe the result of consistent consultations with Oriental medicine that confirmed significant clinical effects while in charge of the family medicine department at HJM International Medical Center. Dr. Norihisa also said, “The grafting of Oriental medicine became a ladder of hope not only for patients in despair, but also for their caregivers, and this hope could become an important element of treatment. The opening of the Center of Unification Medicine is the result of much preparation and planning. Doctors of Oriental medicine and I will do our best to treat incurable diseases of humanity.”

The “Center of Unification Medicine” is a new medical facility between the Oriental Medicine Department and Family Medicine Department on the 1st floor of HJM International Medical Center. It is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge equipment so that patients can receive better quality Integrative Medical Services without extra cost. In addition, it utilizes the best-spec thermal therapy device in South Korea for cancer immunotherapy and advanced medical equipment (MRI, MDCT) built in the hospital. The Center of Unification Medicine is ready to offer the service for you, even including manual therapy and other various therapies of Traditional Korean Medicine.