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HJM International Hospital embraces Magnolia, “Sublime Love"

HJM International Hospital, decides to construct Cheongpyeong's largest Magnolia complex.

HJM International Hospital (formerly Cheongshim International Hospital), which opened as the first international hospital in Korea in 2003, held a tree planting event for Magnolia at Solbat Park on April 9 (Thu).

This Arbor Day Event was held with the least hospital staff attending, due to the world suffering from Corona 19. The importance of medical institutions is further emphasized as well as social distancing.

Through this event, four Magnolia trees were planted in the east, west, north and south directions, and a total of 200 Magnolia trees will be planted by May to create the largest Magnolia complex in Gapyeong. In particular, executives and employees will plant Magnolias with their names on it, and further fund-raising events will be held to collect donations and sincerity for the entire HJ Magnolia complex.

Magnolia as a flower means, "Sublime love". It is said that this hospital, which is already well known in Korea and abroad as Cheongshim International Hospital, has many hidden stories behind changing its name to HJM International Hospital.

First of all, it achieved great results through the domestic project to attract overseas patients. In order to promote Korea's excellent medical technology to the world through oversea projects, it worked on HJM Oriental Medicine Globalization. Along this project changing its name to English seemed successful for global advancement.

Lee Jin-woo, director of HJM International Hospital, who first proposed the Magnolia planting event, said "We changed the name to HJM International Hospital in accordance with the noble will of the founder, but there was no proper Magnolia in this large Cheongpyeong complex. I would like to convey the love of human medicine to many patients from all over the world, following to the flower meaning of Magnolia. Starting with our hospital, we will expand Magnolia planting events in the entire complex to create attractions for people from all over the world."

By the way, HJM International Hospital held a tree planting event on April 5, last year with voluntary participation at planting trees such as apples, pears, jujubes, apricots, and plums not ordinary trees.