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Immune cells treatment

Immune cells treatment in HJM IMC health resort

Immune cells treatment is basically used as the tool to treat cancer, however, anyone can use this method as the tool for boosting and enhancement of immunity, as well as the tool for prevention of cancer and other diseases.

What does the immune cells treatment involve?

Immune cells drawn after the patient’s blood sampling are cultivated and developed into the so-called cytokine-driven “killer” cells, which have the strongest anticancer effect. These cells are “returned” to the patient’s body and start circulating in the entire body to remove the remaining infected cells and prevent relapse. The clinical tests confirmed the efficiency of no-relapse treatment for cancer patients.

Generations of anticancer medicinal products

  • the 1st generation chemotherapeutic agents: kill cancer cells, attacking at the same time, the healthy cells of the body, thus causing serious side effects.
  • the 2nd generation target anticancer medicinal: the functional principle is based on targeting and attacking the cancer cells with the special substance, which reduces the risk of the side effects occurrence. However, in case of extended usage, the bodу becomes resistant to these medications and the treatment efficiency reduces.
  • the 3rd generation immune cells treatment : the new treatment concept which strengthens and activates the own immune cells of the body to fight the cancer.

1. Blood sampling process
2. Lymphocytes detachment
3. Lymphocytes cultivation and production of cytokine-driven cells
4. Manufacturing of anticancer drug after two-weeks cultivation process
5. Separation and purification of the manufactured medicinal product
6. Injection of the medicinal product made of autologous (own) immune cells to the patient
Department Center of medical excellence
Package content
  1. Hospitalization in the deluxe patient room (1 day) for the period of blood sampling procedure + catering for the patient
  2. Hospitalization in the deluxe patient room (1 day) for injection of the finished medicinal product after cultivation, including three times meals for the patient
  3. Blood sampling
  4. Procedure of injecting the finished medicinal product upon immune cells cultivation 14-15 days after blood sampling
  5. Other services:
    • transfer from the airport to the hospital and back
    • translator services during the hospitalization period
    • translation of the blood test results
    • issuance of certificate
Additional options
  1. doctor`s consultation
  2. additional examinations
  3. service of storing the immune cells in the bank for 10 years after single-time sampling
  1. In case the patient is suffering from coexistent diseases, some additional examinations might be prescribed. Each test is paid separately.
  2. The finished immune cells medicinal product should be injected to the patient within 18 hours since the moment of medicinal product preparation. (It is critical to meet the specified deadline for medicinal product injection. In case of refusal to take the procedure – payment will not be refunded).