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Check-up title Check-up details
Clinical blood analysis Cholesterol (general level, triglycerides, LDL, HDL)
Liver function (AST,ALT, GGTP, ALP, bilirubin, total protein, A/G ratio)
Hepatitis A, B and C analysis
Blood circulation organs (creatinine kinase)
Kidney diseases (BUN, createnine)
Gout (uric acid)
Pancreas gland (amilase)
Diabetes mellitus (fasting blood sugar level), Glycated hemoglobin
Anemia (clinic blood analysis - 10 parameters, ferrum, UIBC- Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity), TIBC- total iron binding capacity, Ferritin (anemia, malignant tumors )
Electrolytes (Ca, P, Na, K, Cl, Mg)
Thyroid gland (T3 , T4 free thyroxine , TSH)
Immune serum: venereal disease- syphilis, HIV, СRP
Rheumatoid diseases (rheumatoid factor)
Vitamin D
Special blood analysis Tumor markers: alpha fetoprotein (liver), REA (intestinal tract), PSA ( prostatic gland), СА125 (uterine), СА15-3 (mammary gland), СА19-9 (biliary ducts, pancreas gland)
Stool anlisys Occult Blood, Parasite
Urine analysis urine analysis for 10 components (bilirubin, рН, s.g., glucose)
Biometry Height, weight, obesity rate, hearing test, blood pressure
Ophthalmologic examination Optometry, intraocular pressure, fundoscopy, color perception
ECG Heart abnormality
Spirometry Lungs function
Body composition analysis The proportion of muscle, fat, water, intra-abdominal fat in the body
Fluorography Bronchus, lungs and heart disease
Densitometry Osteoporosis and osteopenia test
GIT examination gastro x-ray or gastroendoscopy at the patient's choice
Upper Abdominal US Liver, bile ducts, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidney diseases
Lungs CT Lungs diseases and cancer
Male examination
Prostatic gland US Prostatic gland hypertrophy, Prostatic gland cancer
Female examination
General examination Cervical cytology test (Papanicolaou test)
Small pelvis US Uterine myoma, uterine , ovary, urinary bladder cancer