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HJM IMC health resort - is the first resort in South Korea for recreation and rehabilitation, which is located close to the capital in an ecologically clean picturesque area, remoted from the hustle and bustle, noise and worries of a big city.
The hospital wards and guest rooms are arranged as the hotel rooms with all the amenities and necessary comfort, with the beautiful view of Cheong Pyeong Lake from the center windows. This lake is a favorite summer holiday destination for everyone who had visited this place. If you want to feel again the vibes of metropolitan life, you can visit the famous and modern Kangnam district, where you can heartily enjoy shopping and be filled with urban young energy.

The main feature of HJM IMC health resort treatment and rehabilitation is the harmonic combination of the latest Western and traditional Oriental medicine.

The treatment and rehabilitation in HJM IMC health resort are primarily recommended for following patients:

  • - post orthopedic surgery patients (hip or knee joints endoprosthesis replacement, arthroscopy of knee or shoulder joints, discs herniation removal surgeries);
  • - patients with minor ailments (pain or inflammation) in the hip joints, knuckle joints, shoulder joints and muscle pains, age-related joints pains and any patients who need rehabilitation;
  • - post stroke patients and those having neurological problems;
  • - patients willing to take comprehensive medical check-up and wellness procedures to maintain or boost immunity level.

Health improvement in our Center is recommended for everyone, regardless the age, physical and emotional state, as the individually selected program will give you the opportunity to feel the benefits of the harmonic combination of the Western and Oriental medicine, whereas the high level of service while staying in another country will make your visit as comfortable and homelike as possible.